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Developed in 2008, with its first units released in the following 2009, Bitcoin has come a long way and is currently the most popular and most valuable crypto-currency in the world. Currently between 3 and 6 million people own and use Bitcoins, as they can be used to purchase numerous products and services online. Numerous online casinos, bookmakers, poker and bingo sites accept Bitcoin payments.

BitcoinOGG is a website dedicated to Bitcoin gambling and we cover all related topics, starting from what is Bitcoin and how to use it, through how to deposit to and withdraw from Bitcoin gambling sites and we also cover different sorts of casino games that you can play with Bitcoins, as well as poker, betting and bingo, in short – all types of Bitcoin gambling. You will also find reviews of the most renowned Bitcoin casino. If you want to know more about Bitcoin casinos, you’re at the the right place.

Bitcoin Gambling Guide

Advantages of Bitcoin

Bitcoin has many advantages compared to conventional currencies, which is why it gained such prominence. Now that Bitcoin is so popular, it has been accepted by many national and international financial institutions and they have given their verdict that Bitcoin is a safe and reliable payment method.

Bitcoin transactions are completely safe and anonymous, they can be carried out without the identity of either party to be revealed, which provides an extra sense of security for users. Bitcoin transactions are instant, which means that you’ll be able to start wagering as soon as you make a deposit to your Bitcoin casino account. What’s more important, unlike most other payment methods available at online casinos, Bitcoin also allows for pretty fast withdrawals, which are often concluded in a matter of minutes or at most hours, whereas with other methods you may have to wait for several days before the withdrawn amount reaches your account.

Bitcoin transactions are, in most cases if not always, processed by online casino operators without any extra fees or charges, which is not always the case with conventional currency. Moreover, many casinos offer special bonuses for players who choose Bitcoin as their currency. On top of that, some casinos offer special bonuses for Bitcoin players, as well as promotions and other advantages.

Generally, players agree that advantages outweigh the disadvantages and as a result, the number of players who use Bitcoins is growing regularly.

Obtaining Bitcoins

Still, many online casino players, as well as potential players are not familiar with Bitcoin and how it works. Bitcoin transactions are publicly registered and transaction logs are safely stored in the blockchain. That way, all Bitcoin transactions are secure. Bitcoins were initially issued to miners, and new Bitcoins are still issued on a regular basis. However, mining isn’t the only way to obtain Bitcoins, you can also buy them on the market, at the current exchange rate.

Bitcoins are stored in Bitcoin wallets, and there are three types of Bitcoin wallets, online wallets, software wallets and hardware wallets. The differences between the three types and how they work are small.

Online wallets, as the name suggests, are stored on the web, companies host them on their cloud servers. They are very simple to use, as there’s no need to install any software, but it is always wise to back up your wallet, in case the information is somehow lost or corrupted.

You can install software Bitcoin wallets on your computer, which is great if you like a greater sense of security. It is still wise to do a manual backup, in order to make sure that even if you lose your computer, or the software is corrupted, you will be able to keep your Bitcoins.

Finally, there’s the hardware wallet, which is usually in the form of USB that is required to unlock the wallet. With this version, nobody is able to gain access to your Bitcoins, without obtaining the actual device which serves as a key.

When it comes to obtaining Bitcoins, there are multiple payment methods that you can use, including your credit/debit card, e-Wallet account, wire transfer and few more. You should always purchase Bitcoins from verified and certified sources. Bitcoin frauds and scams occur rarely compared to the early days when Bitcoin was still in its infancy, but it is always wise to take necessary measures of precaution and check the reputation of the seller.

Bitcoin-Only Casinos

The main difference between casinos that accept Bitcoin payments is whether they only accept Bitcoin payments, or they also accept conventional currencies (fiat). Casinos that accept exclusively Bitcoins often allow players to register without requesting any additional information, like name or address, and at some you won’t even have to provide your email address.

New Bitcoin Gambling Sites

If we have a look at gambling sites that accept both Bitcoins and other currencies, there are those who allow you to deposit and withdraw in Bitcoin without any currency conversions and those that will allow you to deposit in Bitcoins, but then convert your funds into another currency.

Bitcoin Casino Games

In terms of gaming options, there is no significant difference between Bitcoin casinos and gambling sites and those that don’t accept Bitcoins. The type of games that are featured at Bitcoin casinos are pretty much the same as those that are offered by casinos that don’t accept Bitcoin payments.

If you visit any reputable Bitcoin casino you’ll notice that it offers slots, as well as other popular table and card games such as Blackjack and Roulette. If the casino accepts Bitcoin payments without converting them into conventional currencies, the minimum and maximum wagers will be also listed in Bitcoins and you will be able to calculate your potential winnings without changing currencies.

There are certain casino game providers that develop games which are featured exclusively at Bitcoin casinos, you may even find slot games with a Bitcoin theme, but many Bitcoin casinos also features games that can be found at non Bitcoin casinos as well. Slot games at Bitcoin casinos may have 3 or 5 reels, they may or may not feature bonus games and they can be video or classic slots. If you prefer games which allow you to become super rich after just one spin, i.e. games that feature a progressive jackpot – those are also available.

Blackjack and Roulette are definitely the most popular traditional casino games. You can’t find a serious online casino that doesn’t feature Roulette and Blackjack. In fact, there is usually more than one version of each, including European Blackjack, Perfect Pairs Blackjack, Single Deck Blackjack, as well as European and American Roulette. Other casino games like Craps and Baccarat, as well as multiple versions of video poker and speciality games can also be played at most Bitcoin casinos.

Mobile and Live Bitcoin Casinos

The technological progress allowed online casinos to evolve and become more advanced. Players nowadays have the options of enjoying an authentic casino atmosphere without having to leave their living rooms. Namely, Bitcoin casinos feature live dealer games, where you get to compete against human dealers in real time, and communicate with other players from all over the world. Live games are recorded and then streamed in real time.

The advance of mobile technology allowed the appearance of mobile casinos, and most Bitcoin casinos also feature a mobile version. So, if you like to play casino games while you are out of home, or mobile gaming is something you prefer, you just need to pull out your iPhone or Android phone and then open the casino website in your mobile browser. Some operators feature apps which can be downloaded and installed, and it is totally up to you to choose which option you prefer.

Bitcoin Poker and Betting

Bitcoin gambling isn’t limited solely to casino gaming, there are multiple Bitcoin poker websites, as well as websites that allow to bet on sports, eSports and fantasy sports. Sometimes the same operator offers two, or more types of gambling. Just as with Bitcoin casino gaming, there are no essential difference between playing online poker with traditional currencies and playing Bitcoin poker.

Bitcoin and eSports are two relatively new phenomena that go particularly well together and most Bitcoin betting sites offer eSports betting, and there are even sites that are focused exclusively on eSports betting.

Bitcoin Bonuses

We’ve already mentioned Bitcoin bonuses. Bitcoin casinos offer no deposit and first deposit bonuses, just like regular online casinos, as well as other promotions and loyalty programs. But, some casinos also offer special bonuses for Bitcoin players. It worth noting that, in many cases, Bitcoin casinos offer far more lucrative bonuses compared to standard online casinos.

BitcoinOGG – Your Door to Bitcoin Gambling

If you’re new to Bitcoin and/or to Bitcoin gambling, you’re at the right place. Here, at BitcoinOGG you will find a number of useful articles on Bitcoin, Bitcoin gambling, Bitcoin casinos and much more. Morevoer, you’ll also find a range of complete and honest reviews of the best and most reliable Bitcoin gambling sites.