Bitcoin Live CasinoDeveloping live dealer games is one of the best moves casino software providers have made to create the best online gambling experience. 

Instead of playing virtual simulations of popular games, which can never fully replicate the feeling and flow of game that comes with playing against a human dealer, live dealer games offer the best way to experience the “real deal” in a more affordable and practical format.

And what better way to even further improve this experience than play them with Bitcoin.

When Bitcoin first started being integrated into the online gambling scene, it was mostly used around virtual dice sites or similar platforms, where all you had was but a few games at your disposal.

But thanks to a major shift of perception of the cryptocurrency, some of the biggest names in the online game industry have embraced Bitcoin, thus opening the doors to anything from Bitcoin Slots to Bitcoin live dealer games.

Today, you can find any type of live casino game across Bitcoin casinos, with even more likely to come in the future. So, if you’ve been thinking over the idea of using Bitcoin to enjoy some live casino games, there really is no time like the present to do this. But before you jump head first into the dozens of games available online, you might want to get through the basics first, which are explained in the guide below.

The Advantage of Live Dealer Games vs. Going to a Casino

Even though live dealer games were developed to recreate the experience of playing at a real casino floor, they still differ in several ways from the “real-life” experience. These differences can be a pro or a con, depending on your personal experience and preference, although most players who transition to the online live dealer scene lean on the pro side.

The first and most logical difference is that live dealer casinos can be played anywhere you go. With more and more games becoming available for smartphones and tablets, apart from laptops, there is little limitation in terms of “where” you can enjoy a live dealer game. And since live dealer games are usually offered around-the-clock, there is no limit as to “when” you want to put a wager or two either, which is yet another convenience live dealer games offer to any player.

But apart from these obvious differences, what many people who are new to live dealer games don’t understand is that live dealer tables usually have better rules than most traditional casinos. For most casino resorts, the expenses of running operations can amount to huge sums of money, which leads management to cut down on expenses by cutting profitable game varieties or even offer worse payouts. But in the Bitcoin live casino scene, this is not the case.

And not only do live studios offer better rules, but they also keep the variety at a much more interesting level than land-based casinos. Namely, you’ll be able to find anything from standard Roulette variants to multiple Blackjack and Baccarat games available in most Bitcoin live casinos, and even games like Sic Bo, Dice, and more. This is exactly why a lot of live casino players never feel sorry about not driving down to a big casino resort, since there is plenty of variety to be found online.

Types of Live Dealer Bitcoin Games

When Bitcoin first started to become accepted into the online casino industry, the selection of live dealer games was fairly limited. However, thanks to studios like Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, VIVO Gaming and Betgames joining the Bitcoin community, your choices are now much larger in number. Thus, when playing a Bitcoin live dealer casino, you’ll be able to enjoy any of the following popular games, among other options:

Live Bitcoin Roulette – When it comes to finding live Roulette, most Bitcoin casinos will offer the standard American and French games along with some more exotic options. Some of the interesting variants include Immersive Roulette, where you can swap between multiple cameras to experience the game any way you want, but also Auto versions, which are live but without a human dealer. There are also VIP tables to be found in most live casinos.

Live Bitcoin Blackjack – Being one of the most widely played casino games across the world, it’s no surprise you’ll often find more live Blackjack tables than any other game at Bitcoin Live casinos. From low-entry games to high-roller VIP tables, you can play with any bet size you want, anytime you need. Most Blackjack games use 6-8 decks and retain the fair 3:2 payouts, and you can also find variants that offer side bets.

Live Bitcoin Baccarat – Baccarat is another very popular option available at Bitcoin live casinos. Being the high-roller game of choice, you’ll be able to find both more elegant/ VIP tables to play but also regular low-stakes games. The options include standard Baccarat, but also Squeeze, Speed, and Super Six tables, among other variants.

Live Bitcoin Poker – Although not as common as other card games, you can still find a few Poker tables at Bitcoin live casinos. The most common available option is Casino Hold’Em, but you might also find a different variant as studios continue to add new games.

Live Bitcoin Specialty Games – If you’re looking for even more variety than the standard casino offer, you’ll also be able to find a number of specialty live Bitcoin games at your disposal. The list of options includes games like Keno and Lottery draws, but also Sic Bo, Bet on Poker, and even Dice games.

Why Use Bitcoin?

Apart from enjoying privacy, which is one of the strongest selling points for Bitcoin, there are a number of other crucial reasons why playing with Bitcoin can be better than playing with fiat money (regular money).

For example, Bitcoin is a much faster method than using credit cards, and definitely faster than wire transfers. This is especially true for deposits, although withdrawals are likewise speedy. Secondly, Bitcoin’s value is prone to upticks, which means you might earn even more on what you’ve already won at the casino. And finally, Bitcoin bonuses are normally higher than regular casino bonuses, simply because operators don’t have to pay for other financial services to process Bitcoin.


Are Bitcoin Live Dealer Games Rigged?

Live Dealer games, just like virtual casino games, are subject to licensing requirements and audits, so there’s no chance any trusted software provider would risk its reputation to rig games. Besides, live dealers, just like dealers in land-based casinos, manually shuffle cards and use the same equipment you can find in the best of casino resorts. Thus, you can expect to enjoy the same fairness and quality as you would in a traditional casino.

Can I Cheat/Count Cards?

Not really. In card games, the deck penetrations is very shallow, making any card counting skills very redundant, while electronic tables like Roulette wheels depend entirely on computer software. Even if you manage to spot an opportunity, the casino will monitor your play to determine any advantage betting systems and probably exclude you from the games should you try to cheat.

Can I Play Bitcoin Live Games on My Mobile?

Of course you can. Most of the live dealer software providers offer HTML5 interfaces for their live games, meaning that you can play them with any mobile device you have, be it Android, iOS, or even Windows. There will be little difference in terms of gameplay, apart from the smaller screen.

Can I Speak to the Dealers?

Yes, you can. Live dealer games have a chat interface that you can use to send messages to the dealers and chat them up. The dealers will respond via the camera, but they will not be able to hear you or see you play.

Do I need a Fast Connection to Play?

What you need is a reliable internet speed to enjoy the games fully. Although the stream quality will adapt to lower connection speeds, having a broadband connection for desktops or 3G/4G for mobile devices is the right way to enjoy live casino games.


Live dealer games are the next evolution in modern gambling, since they take away most of the time, effort, and money needed to enjoy quality table games and put everything at the literal tips of your fingers. Playing live games with Bitcoins only spices up the experience even further by adding speed, anonymity, and more profits to the table. Thus, if you want to take on real professional casino dealers but can’t spare the time and money to do so, or even if you just want to keep your playing private, Bitcoin live casino games can take you all the way.